City Salt Spa

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Family Wellness Center

Halo Massage

​Enjoy a massage in a private room from one of our Licensed Massage Therapists while also receiving the benefits of Halotherapy to your lungs and skin.




Halotherapy Treatments

Halotherapy is a safe and effective way to clear the airways. It works as a “gentle brush” to clean the airways and lungs of mucus, allergens, pollutants and other impurities all while relaxing in a re-created salt cave environment.

Halo Reiki and Massage

Add Salt Therapy to your Reiki or Massage session in our relaxing private room.

*City Salt Spa will have limited Salt Therapy Sessions  from July 12th to August 3rd while we attend a training seminar and have a short Vacation. Appointments can be made for the Adult Therapy Room and The Family Saltbox. Private Room will be for Massage Therapy use only during this time frame.

*Massage will still be available by appointment.

*Salty Yoga still available Wednesday July 12th, 19th and August 2nd from 630-730 pm with pre-registration

​*Salty Yoga Monday Night July 24th at 7 pm



Discover how well you can feel naturally by experiencing Halotherapy in one of our specially designed Salt Therapy Spa rooms.

​​​Adult Halotherapy Session

Relax for 45 minutes in one of  our zero gravity chairs. Group session for up to 6 people.

Children's Halotherapy Session

Kid's play for 45 minutes in our giant "sand" box while receiving salt treatment.

Himalayan Salt Products

We offer a wide selection of Himalayan Salt Lamps to purify your home air and edible Himalayan Salt products to enhance your cooking experience.